G-On Riders


Rating: 2 Rampages

Episodes seen: 1 of ?

The Earth is under constant threat of invasion... however the "invasion company" must be too busy to do it themselves as they've subcontracted the job out to a group, who of course are just a bit too incompetent to get the job done. The real story lies in the school that tests young girls to see if they contain the special power needed to "Resonate" and fight the aliens with magical swords. (of COURSE they have swords...)

Herself the Elf sez: Aigh. This was another one where I could tell in the first 5 minutes what was going to happen throughout the episode...and this despite the fact that we're thrown into the story with no explanation. With a setup this formulaic, of course, it's not like we really need one. We've got the school-that's-really-a-secret-fortress, the alien-fighting schoolgirls who transform into silly warrior-of-love outfits (including a magical nun...wtf?), the creepy school principal who's running the secret defense organization, and the laughably incompetent villains. In fact, the very cute alien girls (dressed in, among other things, a kawaii kitty pajama suit) hired to invate Earth were pretty much the only entertainment I got out of this show. The art and animation are nice, in a classic battle-babes style, and the design of the villains' robots is hilariously cute, but for the most part this show is just throwaway fluff, and tolerable only in small doses. It might get better, but I'm not really interested. Only recommended to die-hard fans of the magical shoujo comedy genre.

Available fansubbed.

Created 15-11-02