Charlie's Gals?

Super GALS! Kotobuki Ran

Rating: 3 Rampages

Episodes seen: 3 of ? Ran and her gang

In Japan, there are a type of cool teenaged girls who wear baggy sweaters, lots of makeup, dark tans, short skirts, and platform shoes, and spend their time hanging out and talking about fashion and having fun instead of studying like good girls do. They're seen as a bit naughty and delinquent, as well as humorous. These are the kogals.

Kotobuki Ran is in her first year of senior high school; she lives life filled with confidence, strength and aims to hang out with her friends and have fun. Everything for Ran seems to be running smoothly, except her financial status. The problem is Ran has an extremely expensive hobby, shopping. One of her daily goals is to keep with the latest trends. Both parents and older sibling cannot see eye to eye with Ran's life style and continuously encourage her to join the police force after graduation. Of course being the loud spoken Ran, she refuses to abide by this. Despite her decision, Ran can be occasionally seen putting civilians back into their places if a crime has been committed.

Gals out on the town

Herself the Elf sez: When I saw the art style during the opening I groaned and steeled myself for a repeat of Neighborhood Story. But as it turns out, all GALS has in common with that monstrosity is characters with skinny legs and big shoes. The character design itself ended up reminding me more of Child's Toy, which was nice, and the story was somewhat interesting too. It does have a touch of moralism, but only a touch, and it's forgiveable given the general fun and lightheartedness of the whole package.

GALS offers an interesting look at a type of character we don't usually see much of in anime, and for that alone I found this show worth watching. The cheeky Gals are a refreshing change from the usual insipid and goody-goody anime heroine - they're brazen, mouthy, and aren't afraid to beat some guy up if they don't like the way he treats them. The plot isn't particularly complex, and it's obviously a fun romantic-comedy kind of shoujo anime, but the comedy works and the romantic part isn't too heavy-handed. Carnage wasn't too thrilled with this show, but I kind of liked it. It's fun, bubbly, and reasonably interesting, and I'd recommend it on those elements.

Recently licensed by ADV Films.

Updated 15-10-02