Rating: ½ Rampage the Genocyber...whoopee.

As the nations of the world begin to merge their armies into one international force, world peace is now being threatened by the private armies of individual corporations. The Japanese Kuryu Group may have discovered the one weapon which will tip world power in their favor.
At the center of this covert industrial espionage are two sisters: one whose body is mostly machine and the other who has the mind of a wild animal and possesses unbelieveable psychic powers. If these two could be combined into one, a weapon beyond anything ever conceived would be created: Genocyber - a cybernetic monster strengthened with pure psychic energy!
But their scientist father never considered how deeply each girl hates the other nor how far his employers would go to insure the project's success. Now as the battle for possession of Genocyber erupts, the cyberpunk world of the future explodes with violence as not even death can be taken for granted.

This rather unfortunate piece of animated trash should be avoided altogether. The first anime released in the U.S. before Japan, thatís the only thing special about this awful 5 part OVA. Total lack of plot, zero character depth (The girl is just bestial. Accept it.) and unimpressive art. If you like really violent anime with a pathetic attempt at a story to distract you occasionally, then by all means run out and rent this. Otherwise, go watch Ninja Scroll.

Available subtitled or dubbed through US Manga Corps.