Variable Geo

Rating: 3 Rampages

Kung Fu Waitressing!

In the near future, the faltering 'FamiRes' (Family Restaurant) industry begins to sponsor fighting tournaments featuring members of their own staff in order to boost their patronage. "Full Contact Waitressing" as it becomes known quickly becomes more of a success than even the most optimistic restauranteur had hoped.
But there's more at stake here than prize money and free advertising. The mysterious Jyahana Group has quietly begun to infiltrate the restaurants which feature Full-Contact Waitressing. Their motives are unclear, but a possibility is that they seek the 'perfect' DNA sample, from which they can genetically enhance the perfect SuperSoldier, and clone her into an entire army. Yuka Takeuchi--a young, innocent Full-Contact Waitress--unwittingly becomes involved in the Jyahana Group's plan, uncovering a tangled web of deceit, espionage, bribes and coercion...

Granted that itís based off a video game, and granted that it has a REALLY goofy premise, Variable Geo is still a highly entertaining show. Wonderful animation (look at those breasts bounce!), plenty of action (superhero catfights!) and lots of comedy. Recommended but unfortunately hard to find.

Available subbed or dubbed from ADVision.

Variable Geo