Rating: 2 Rampages

Synopsis:The obligatory Dark Elf
In the tradition of any RPG... Olivier, a young priest in a powerful church, has heard rumors that a god who will grant any wish lives on a distant island called 'G'- a place no one's traveled to and come back alive! Along with Ohri, a mysterious, mute girl, Olivier fearlessly sets out his journey. But there's more than meets the eye when they come up against Suzu, the Dark Elf, Olivier's former ally! See sparks fly when Ohri's true nature is revealed and the voyage to 'G' gets more than dangerous than our heroes bargained for!

Kawaii Olivier Review:
The last couple of years have seen some huge leaps in computer generated animation. Shows like Blue Submarine no. 6 and the upcoming Alice have truly stunning visuals, far smoother than anything cel-drawn. If these shows represent the pinacle of computer made art in the world today, Gestalt is the reminder that everything has an opposite. The only way to describe the animation in this short OVA is painful; it all looks like it was yanked from a Saturn game from three or four years ago. Very poor composites, completely frozen backgrounds, everything that's bad about computer generated art is made a spectacle of in here. Few things irk me more than shoddy CGI, and this show was nothing BUT shoddy CGI...if you can't do computer graphics well, use something else as ANYTHING will look better than bad CGI (well, almost anything). It may not be as bad as the still-shot animation in one of the Twisted Tales of Tokyo, but it's still pretty painful. Since this is visually based medium, having such cheap, worthless visuals is pretty difficult to forgive, especially since little else about the show is noteworthy. The character designs are nothing new, pretty much standard high-fantasy anime designs, and some of them feel like they're barely modified thefts from other fantasy series. The story is mildly interesting, but the writers seem unsure which story to follow, as it kind of jumps around as if there is more to the series (which there isn't) leaving one rather bored after an hour. While the interaction of the characters (specifically Ohri and Olivier) are rather amusing, they still can't save this show from mediocrity. I've seen far worse, but that still doesn't make this show something I can really recommend. If you're looking for a quick dose of comedic fantasy, look elsewhere.

Herself the Elf sez: Oh poo. I thought this was a fun little romp. Yeah, the CGI sucks, but Carnage has a big grudge against bad CGI. The characters were funny, especially Olivier, and Ohri kicks major ass. It's not the greatest show I've seen, but it's good for a rental if you don't mind lousy CGI. ^_^

Available subbed or dubbed from AnimeWorks.