Brave King GaoGaiGar

Rating: 2 Rampages The silly looking cast of Brave King GaoGaiGar

8 Years previous: A kindly couple is driving home in a terrible winter blizzard. The young lady wishes upon a falling star that they have a child. Then, the falling star lands in front of their car in the form of the MechaSpace Lion Galeon, causing them to fall out of the car. It opens its mouth revealing a small baby. The woman, Ai, takes it, ignoring her husband's warnings, and Galeon takes off again for space. For 8 years the Amami family raised the boy, Mamoru, as their own. Back then, who could have know what part this child would play..
The present: Mamoru's 3rd grade class is on a very special trip to...the junkyard? The flies are bothering Sensei and the rest of the class members are either holding their noses or looking at junk. Mamoru wanders off for a minute and into a garbage cave, where suddenly the machinery comes alive, the TV sets showing the faces of the Four Kings of the Machine World. As Mamoru runs to inform the others, the mountain of garbage transforms into a horse-man monster. Soon, Shishio and the GaiGar mecha are on the scene to fight the evil Zondar robot, and save the children. When the GGG realize the importance of young Mamoru, and his own special powers, he joins the fight as a member of the gutsy Geo-id Guard...and so begins the story of Brave King GaoGaiGar!

Oh. My. God. When I sat down to watch this I had NO idea what I was in for, and even after seeing it I'm still left wondering, WHAT THE *krunk* WAS THAT!?!??!? One of the infamous "Brave Robot" shows, this just freaked me out. Even though it was made not two years ago, the design and is all so hideously 70s it's frightening. The story is painfully juvenile, and the characters are every bit as shallow as you'd expect in a silly knockoff of the Transformers genre. It tries hard to be funny, but just ends up being really creepy. Utterly absurd attacks and monster designs that make the Sailor Moon monsters look like Darth Maul just turned me off completely; please, no more G Gundam flashbacks, people. Though it's plugged as a kids show, I'm sick and tired of things being dumbed down or sugarcoated and people putting up with it simply because "it's a kids show"...bullshit. Kids are not nearly as dumb as everybody seems to think, and they can handle a lot more than we give them credit for. Frankly, I'd rather show my kids Mononoke Hime or Nausicaä than this crap, which is hardly worth anyone's time. Save your sanity and just avoid this one unless you like stupid looking robots with lots of gold crap all over them. In which case, by all means, try to enjoy it...I sure couldn't.

Currently only available fansubbed. Thankfully.

The really silly looking mechs of GaoGaiGar