Golden Boy

Rating: 3½ Rampages

Come to me, my naked dream-goddess on a motorcycle!
Meet Kintaro Oe, a 25 year old wandering student of life in the most literal sense of the word. You see, Kintaro had been studying for a law degree and had finally acquired all the needed credits to graduate when he suddenly dropped out and hit the road. He views life as the ultimate study topic and he wants to earn a master's degree in it so, obviously, the best course to follow is to go out and live it to the fullest. Equipped with nothing more than his trusty bicycle, whatever belongings he can fit into his backpack, and his vitally important notebook (in which he notes just about everything he thinks, sees, or does), he sets off to learn all that life has to offer. The thing about life on the road, though, is that you still have to eat. This means stopping in one spot long enough to pick up an odd job or two. That's okay, though, because it's just another form of study and is to be expected when you live a wandering lifestyle.

This is another borderline hentai, but itís just so incredibly silly that you donít care. Lots and lots and lots of panty shots, and LOTS of shots of that wonderful Gainax bounce. But all that aside, the story is very unique, the art is top notch, and it has some truly fantastic comedy elements in it. Almost as downright warped as Dragon Half, but not quite. All in all, pure unadulterated fun. OBENKYOO!!
Kintaro taking notes about computer programming

Herself the Elf sez: I'm considering adding this to my very short (as of now, it consists of one series: Ranma ½) list of shows of which I'd recommend seeing the dub first instead of the sub. The dub of Golden Boy is just phenomenal. They got the PERFECT voice actor for Kintaro...he's a wonderful perv. Ahh, if only ADV had done such a good job on the Slayers dubs....

Available subtitled or dubbed through ADVision.