Kingyo Chuuihou!

Goldfish Warning!

Rating: 3½ Rampages

Synopsis:'s a flying goldfish.
The show starts with the tale of Chitose Fujinomiya, a girl who goes from riches to rags and back and remains a snob despite it all. When her wealthy father dies, remaining debts leave Chitose almost broke, and she is kicked out of the affluent Tokai no Gakuen, or City Academy. She is left with nothing in the world but the clothes on her back and one pink goldfish named Gyopi-chan, the only memento she has of her father.
Wandering lost, she collapses on the grounds of the poor-but-happy Inaka no Chugakko (Country Jr. High School), where the students are rough if friendly, and farm animals regularly roam the school grounds and even attend class. Recovering, she enters into the school but is repelled by its air of poverty, to which she is unaccustomed.
Her family lawyer, Tanakayama, comes in presumably to see to her welfare, but actually plots to steal her rare pink goldfish, which is extremely valuable. Caught in the act by the school's guard chicken and stopped by a student named Wapiko, he drops a safety deposit box key belonging to Chitose's late father. The deposit box turns out to contain enough deeds, stocks, and other goodies to make Chitose set for life, but instead of returning to the rich school that rejected her, she uses some of the money to rebuild the poor school into the New Country Jr. High School.
In exchange for such generosity, she appoints herself the school's chairperson of the board and student president. She then spends most of her time trying to bring a little big-city sophistication to the school and its student body, and trying to get them to seriously compete (for her revenge, of course) against the City Academy. Naturally, she fails miserably. Future episodes center around this theme or around Chitose's attitude keeping her from just enjoying herself the way the "low-class" country students do.
Based on a manga by Neko Nekobe (I wonder if that's a pseudonym), this was apparently what the Sailor Moon team did before Sailor Moon, and there are a number of hidden references to Goldfish Warning buried in SM (like Usagi's chicken alarm clock and Gyopi-patterned panties - in the drawer, not on her), as well as a number of the same seiyuu. One of the many cows in this show

Review: we go again, another series that tries hard to dissolve every last brain cell in the minds of its viewers, and succeeds. One episode of this hyperactive show was tacked on as an omake to the end of Deso's Fancy Lala tape, and about five seconds into the intro a bunch of cows fly by on a giant clock...I should have stopped RIGHT there but for some reason I just couldn't. Ping Pong Club didn't really faze me at all, this did. The characters, the music, the story, all are so amazingly wacky all you can do is laugh or sit there in jaw-gaping awe at the insanity of it all. Not as good as Dragon Half or Fairy Princess Ren (but then, what is?) this is still absolutely nuts and a great deal of fun...provided you don't need any of it to really make any sense. highly recommended.

Only available fansubbed. Try contacting Studio Hooseki; they don't do distribution, but they might be able to tell you who to order from.

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