Dengeki Oshiyoki Musume Gotaman

(Butt Attack Punisher Girl Gotaman)

Rating: 4½ Rampages a tiny almost-picture...alas, it's all I could find

Our heroine Mari is an innocent, boy-shy, devoutly Christian young girl who's just entered a religious high school. When her best friend is kidnapped by a mysterious cult, Mari prays to the Virgin Mary for help. Instead, the Buddha shows up and tells her that she's going to be a magical girl. But not just any magical girl, mind you...none of this fuku-wearing, pink-wand-waving crap. She is presented with a sumo-style loincloth (magical, of course) and instructed to go kick bad guy butt. Being a good little Christian girl, the Buddha has to talk Mari into it, but she grudgingly agrees to bare her ass for the sake of her friend. And so Butt Attack Punisher Girl Gotaman was born! Villains beware her mighty ass of justice! Wedgies only make her stronger! Not even Darth Sumo can withstand her mighty posterior!

Yes, you read correctly, Darth Sumo. He shows up as this huge sumo wrestler with a Darth Vader helmet on, called (get this...) "Dark Veda". This one rivals The Ultimate Teacher for sheer wacky and disturbing insanity. Probably the silliest point in the show is when the villains have a competition to find Gotaman, using the butt-print she left behind on Dark Veda's chest (yes, I know exactly how silly that sounds). When she appears, the bad guys attack her with a sword, only to have her catch it in her buttcrack, and snap it that's what I call an ass of justice! The atomic-powered wedgie is also rather mind-warping, but just about everything in this show is mind-warping. Like the Ultimate Teacher, this one is fairly old (illustrated by the somewhat lackluster animation) and easily is that a crime. A show this impossibly silly should be seen by everyone with a sense of humor, so go contact your local fansub distributor and bug them to get won't be disappointed.

Has apparently been picked up by The Right Stuf....o.O; Dunno when it'll be out, tho.