the cast.


Rating: 3½ Rampages

Synopsis: aaannnd here they are again!
Many otaku are in their late teens or early twenties. Many are just finishing high school, or are pursuing their educational goals through college. Regardless of how they handle the many academic challenges facing them, they all know that there will come a day (hopefully) when they will leave all the hurdles of scholastic achievement behind and tackle the triumphs & sorrows of true adulthood. One thing that many young people don't realize (until the last moment) is that this often means leaving behind the friends that have been with them through their youth. The first two Graduation OVAs, from Studio Headroom (the same people who did Debut & Dokyusei a.k.a. Classmates or End Of Summer) is just this type of story.

Drawn almost exactly the same as Debut and End of Summer, this one is of course, visually excellent. Much more of a shoujo anime than anything else, it is still a touching coming of age story, and of the pain of having to part with good friends. The characters arenít all that original, but they are done well regardless. I personally found this to be a very enjoyable and touching film that just about anyone can enjoy...and anyone accusing Lord Carnage of being a sap for liking shoujo will recieve a Draguslave shoved where the sun don't shine. So it is written.

Currently only available fansubbed.