Super Lightspeed Gran Doll

Rating: 3 rampages Magical Girls and the mecha who love them.

Young Hikaru considers herself a pretty normal 16-year-old girl: Interested in boys, Loves anime, her father is a mad scientist/inventor who is continually inventing things to better their lives (in all sorts of interesting ways)..well, okay, maybe not exactly normal, but close enough. She has always dreamt of being a superheroine in some fantastic anime..but that's all just make believe right? Well, not this time; turns out Hikaru is actually an alien princess (big surprise) sent to Earth after a revolt on her home planet, along with the royal armor. Well, the rebels have tracked her down, and they'd very much like her to turn over the armor right away, or else. Needless to say, silly magical girl/mecha action ensues..all in a day's work for a pink mecha girl!

Aiya..rarely have I heard a voice as horrifically grating as Hikaru's. Constantly shrill and dippy (as per article #45 of the Magical Girl code) she really gets on your nerves real fast. Voices aside, this is still a funny series. The Villains try really hard to be bad and imposing, but very frequently end up doing things like walking into a door and complaining "Grr...why doen't it open automatically!??!?!" The names are also really silly, I mean, come on...Freedoshelf-sama???? Aiya. The animation is pretty good, the music is not. The characters are lots of silly fun, the story is pretty simple, and the attacks are, well, weird (Shining Breast. SHINING BREAST!?!?!?? did they really need to give me a G Gundam flashback?) As long as you can get past the grating voice, this is a fun mecha and all.

As far as I know it's only available fansubbed.