Rating: 2½ Rampages Young lovers...

Episodes seen: 6 of ?

Shuuichi Shindou and his two band-mates are getting ready for an upcoming performance they are doing at a local music club. Shuuichi seems to be having a little trouble with composing the lyrics for a song, and on his way home from work one night, distracted by reading the lyrics he'd written, he bumps into a handsome blonde man, dropping the paper with the lyrics. Eiri Yuki (the blonde man) reads the lyrics and tells Shuuichi he should give it up since he has no talent. Heartbroken and angry, Shuiichi spends the next few days trying to find the blonde man and prove that he has talent after all. But of course, there's another reason why he wants to find Eiri so much, even if Shuuichi doesn't admit it to himself at first...

Okama in the grass

Herself the Elf sez: Yes, it's another boy-band show. The difference with this one is that unlike Kaikan Phrase, they've dropped the innuendo in favour of full-blown yaoi-ness. From the very first episode, it's clear where this show is going. Shuuichi (the girly uke) and Eiri (the cool, mysterious seme) become a couple, band troubles and bishounen angst ensue, you know the drill. I found it pretty damn funny, so if you're like me and cheese makes you laugh, you'll get a kick out of Gravitation. To be fair, though, the melodrama's nicely balanced by ecchi jokes and general silliness scattered here and there, so it's not all serious and angsty.

The only problem I have with this show is the relationship between Shuuichi and Eiri...but not because they're both guys, which I have absolutely no problem with. What I don't like is that it's like your standard anime romance, wherein the 'man' is a tall, grown-up adult and the 'woman' is a ditz with the IQ of a potato. Shuuichi is presumably supposed to be at least 16, but he looks like he's 12 and acts like he's 6. I find it hard to believe (and, actually, rather disturbing) that a grown man would find such an infantile personality sexually attractive--it hits just a bit too close to pedophilia for my taste.

As usual, there's tons of bishounen eye candy, with the added bonus of smooching boys and whatnot. That's pretty much all this show's got going for it, but if you're in the mood for pretty yaoi boy-bands, Gravitation's good for a nice light snack. This show is tremendously popular with the teenage fangirls, so if you fall into that category, Gravitation is probably a must-see.

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Updated 25-01-03