Koko Wa Greenwood

(aka Koko Wa Greenwood)


Rating: 3½ Rampages

One day, Kazuya Hasukawa arrives at his high school dorm. On his first day there, the dorm president Mitsuru Ikeda and student council president Shinobu Tezuka introduce him to Shun, his roommate. Shun happens to be a girl. In an all-male dorm. Shun explains that she's there due to an administrative foul-up and hopes that Kazuya doesn't mind. Kazuya isn't exactly pleased about this...he left home because his first love married his brother, and he couldn't stand to live under the same roof as her...it just wasn't proper. Shun, for her part, had been raised as a boy all her life and enlists Kazuya's help to keep the secret so she can graduate. This is the state of affairs at the dorm nicknamed 'Greenwood'...for a couple of days. Then it turns out that the upperclassmen have a tendency for practical jokes...Ahh, life in a school dormitory.

When I first heard of this it seemed like a rather strange premise. I mean, whod want to watch an anime about life in a dorm? (heh, sorry Beans =) And for the first five minutes, it looked like it was going to be exactly what Id expected...however, as I continued to watch, that changed abruptly. This one is full of silly college hijinx, romance, and even a little action. What makes it so great are its excellent and entertaining characters and fresh and witty stories from epsiode to episode. Unfortunately only 6 episodes, if you want to see more youll have to read the manga. All in all an excellent series.

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Available subtitled or dubbed through Software Sculptors, a subsidiary of Central Park Media.