Guilty Parties

"I'LL GIVE YOU A FATAL SYSTEM ERROR!!!" Real Name: Roupen Agnerian
Nicknames: Carnage, Booga, Sandwich Boy (don't ask...), That man who is not Yang Wen-Li
Age: 22
Favourite Color: The color of a satellite strike ^_^

The eternally harassed webmaster of the Fanboys' home on the Web, Carnage has far too much in common with his alter ego in the fics. While far more cheerful and silly than his namesake (most of the time), he is just as easily irritated (be very grateful Draguslaves cannot be cast for real...) and loves his Mecha and mass destruction a bit more than most people would consider healthy. Aside from webmastering (and the rather obvious obsession with watching every anime in existence), Carnage's hobbies include creatively wasting time on his PC (games mostly...okay, so that's not all that creative, but it sure is fun ^_^) acting in all its forms, and Martial Arts. So I guess that makes him a gamer/anime/acting/net/kungfu geek...gah. Favourite movies include the Star Wars series (can quote the first trilogy start to finish, including aliens and robots...), Army Of Darkness, Alien, The Ref, Drunken Master 2, Citizen Kane, and anything by Tim Burton, Stanley Kubrick, James Cameron, Hitchcock, Kurosawa or John Woo. Favourite Music, whaddaya got?

Quoted as saying: "You go squish now.", "Hush, you.", "It'll get done when it gets done!"

Chaos, hard at work on the next fic. Real Name: Phil Smith
Nicknames: Baka, Chaos, He-who-must-be-smited
Age: 21
Favourite Color: These walls sure are a pretty color.....

Not much is known about the mysterious past of His lordship Chaos, and even he seems to have quite the case of amnesia. Though sources report he spent quite a lot of time burping up.
And so we hit the adolescent years. After assembling his 5-year plan to rule the world thanks to his crack team of commando penguins, His lordship Chaos was walking through a local Blockbuster store one day and then stumbled across Devil Hunter Yohko. His family attests that he has never been normal since.

Satiating his rampant desire of Anime, our magnificent yet happily psychotic author then turned his attention to fanfiction. Upon reading all of Greenbean's College Life series in one night, he cheerfully endeavoured to steal her lake god and make it his own little pet.

Aside from his love of Anime, His lordship Chaos also enjoys letting his brain take long moonlit walks on the beaches of Acapulco, showering at least twice a day, and trying to get back his Harrier fighter jets from the impound (when they were towed away last month for beingdouble-parked) so he can once again resume his plan to become world dictator for life. His lordship would also like to assure the nice gentlemen in the white coats that he is being well-treated, and enjoying his newfound freedom in the company of numerous kawaii female assistants.

Note: almost all of the above is complete nonsense. -- Ed. (Sarcasm-hime)

Quoted as saying: "Iitai...", "Oh man, that's perfect! Gotta write it down..."

The poor overworked Artiste and her loyal Chimera Real Name: Maral Agnerian
Nicknames: Sarcasm-hime, Herself the Elf, Yousei-chan, THE QUEEN!
Age: 24
Favourite Color: Yaoi lemony-yellow. Ahahaha, just kidding. It's actually that lovely blue-gray that can only be found on a naked chimera. ^_~;

The Fanboys' official artist and chief editor (and drooling bishounen-crazed fangirl), Sarcasm is a very busy lady so don't whine about how you want more manga! She's in the fourth year for her Illustration diploma at the Ontario College of Art & Design, illustrates her own comic book, The Will To Power...and other neuroses and is trying to find work as a freelance illustrator. She also has her very own real-life Zelgadis, whom she married on March 24th, 2000. ^_^ She is fervently hoping for more good yaoi to be animated....ah, one can dream. She can do a chillingly accurate Naga Laugh™, is completely obsessed with cosplaying, has somewhat exhibitionist tendencies (example: last year's costume consisting of body paint and a few strips of silk) and really does hit people with spatulas...although usually slightly smaller ones. She really really hates stupid people, so don't be stupid around her.

Her musical tastes are extremely eclectic and run the gamut from medieval to industrial/goth. She also listens to an unhealthy amount of J-pop sung by pretty boys in tight pants.

Quoted as saying: "Just jump'im for Urd's sake!!", "Oo, bishounen! This show's looking up..." and " want me to draw what?"

You can see her other artwork at her Illustration Portfolio page.

yes yes, I'm working on it. Real Name: Noel Smith
Nicknames: Pesti, Pesti-chan, Pestilence, Dumbass
Age: 19
Favorite Colour: Octarine (the colour of magic...kind of a purplish-orange)

"Pesti-chan was born on Christmas Day, 1981, and is still not dead."

It has been speculated at times that Pesti-chan doesn't actually exist, but is merely a figment of Chaos' deranged imagination. Often referred to (at leat by Chaos) as Snuffaluppa-pesti or the Loch Ness Pesti, very few have actually seen the youngest of the fanboys and bothered to take note of this fact.

Despite the growing controversy over his existence (not unlike that of God's existence*), Pestilence is alive and well. He is currently a candidate for an Honours Bachelor of Mathematics, Computer Science at the University of Waterloo, where he is fully enjoying the constant reminder of just how much he doesn't know. Currently paired off with the most wonderful girlfriend on the face of the earth, Pesti exists in a kind of euphoria where he doesn't get much sleep, but opts instead for many long-distance phone conversations. In his spare time Pesti-chan writes stories, including two novels (one complete, the other prepetually one-eighth done...), and a trilogy of Pesti-fics which were so abominable they spontaneously combusted. He has also acted in a few plays, including a production of Macbeth in which he was Macduff and got to play with swords. When the production was over, he was given a rubber chicken which goes everywhere with him so that he can bludgeon people over the head with it.

He also wastes his time playing too many video games (Half-life, Rollercoaster Tycoon, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy 1-7, The Megaman Games (all of them), etc.), reading (Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman, Michael Chrichton, Douglas Adams, JRR Tolkien, Stephen King, Anne Rice, etc.), listening to music (Our Lady Peace, Dave Matthews Band, Matthew Good Band, Fuel, A Perfect Circle, Third Eye Blind, Lifehouse, Green Day, Barenaked Ladies, Everclear, Creed, Big Wreck, Eve 6, Treble Charger, Finger Eleven/Rainbow Butt Monkeys, Filter, Foo Fighters, PDQ Bach, Tool, Radiohead, Marvelous 3, Matchbox Twenty, Bush, Live...The list goes on...) and playing some of his own (piano, guitar, oboe, drums). Some day he hopes to own a turtle.

Quoted as Saying: "You smell", "That was poor", and just a lot of nonsensical blathering about the meaning of life.

*Although, God must exist, since he is that which is greater than that which can be conceived, so if you can conceive of God's existence (which even the fool may do), then that which is greater than that conception is the existence of that which is conceived, and so in order for God to be greater than that which can be conceived, he must exist, and the fool is just a big dummy. Pesti-chan is also enrolled in a Philosophy course...

yes yes, I'm working on it. Real Name: Gary Layng
Avatar: His Lordship Mayhem
Nicknames: "Sir", "Hey, you!", various unprintable swear words, The DVD Slut.
Age: legal, "plus a few months". ("Make jokes about my age and I'll hit you with my cane!") ^_^
Favourite Color: Blue ... and no, that's not a reference to hair on anime girls.
Favourite food: Seefood. (No, that's not a typo. That WAS my diet.)
Favourite anime: "Just one???" Anything requiring brainwork, like lain, or giving a good belly-laugh, like Dual Episode 4.

Gary can identify well with both Dilbert and Shinesman, having been confined to Cubicle Hell for several years as a property accountant. He has now managed to become, well, a manager, which means instead of a cubicle, he now has a batcave (it's windowless and underground). This also means he can identify with Division Chief Kosaku Shima as well.

His hobbies include cooking, studying the Japanese language, and being theTreasurer for Anime North. Oh, and hosting Fanboy Gatherings at his condo. In his spare time ... er ... ah ... what spare time? His latest, proudest accomplishment: he's lost 14 pounds from December 15 to January 19, despite Christmas feasting.

Quoted as saying: "And you plan on accomplishing this feat of might and magic ... HOW, exactly?"

yes yes, I'm working on it. Real Name: Mark Andrew Johansen
Nicknames: Desolation, Lost Boy, Madman, The Plot Advancement Demon, That evil bastard (just ask my PCs)
Age: 25 (but I'll never really grow up!)
Favourite Color: Purple (blood red gets boring after the 100th smite)

Stranded in what the Fanboys term the 8th dimension (Pure Evil), Desolation is the only Fanboy (except maybe Demo-chan) without direct net access. Cursed with no sense of direction (I got lost for over 2 hours driving home from the mall, including going the wrong way down a one-way street and I have to look for a U-shaped scar on my index finger to tell my right from my left, never mind north from south or east from west). In addition to amassing a dangerously large anime collection (I've run out of space to put the tapes yet still I buy more, more, MORE!!!), Deso's hobbies include RPGs, strategy wargames, wasting time on videogames, reciting any and every comedy skit he's ever seen (Carnage and I do a great Denis Leary!), and getting lost coming home from the corner store (who the hell keeps moving my house anyways?!)

Quoted as saying: "One day I woke up and realized I was never going to be normal. So I said f*** it."

The evil GamesMistress herself... Real Name: Hilary Doda
Nicknames: Pandemonium, Pan-chan, one-chan, the prodigal daughter
Age: legal in all countries... that's all you need to know.
Favourite Color: Green, y'know... like those M'n'Ms...

Exiled to the far reaches of space and time, Pan-chan spends her days finishing her B.A. at McGill university and working as an editor over at Dream Pod 9, maker of fine role-playing games (otherwise known as Crack in a Book). She was introduced to the Fanboys by Carnage (actually an old mistake from those turbulent high-school years) and has regretted picking up the phone that day ever since. While not quite as randy as her fictional namesake, she does try to find the time to properly entertain her long-term better half, as well as write dirty stories. Her hobbies include dressing up in funny clothes and hitting people with sticks, gaming, singing (badly) and cooking. Her favorite anime is Utena, and she dreams of someday figuring out how to do the Sword of Dios-'grant me the power' routine in a Masquerade sketch.

Quoted as saying: "How do I get into these things?" "Wait... does that actually make any sense whatsoever?"

yes yes, I'm working on it. Real Name: James Han
Nicknames: Ruckus, Shufu, Iacobus, Hey You, Ganymede, Do You Work Here?, Don't Touch Me There
Age: 21
Favourite Color: Silvers and blues in general; dark blue, dark purple, dark brown, and black when it's on clothing; red when it's on an embarrassed guy's face. XD

Although he managed to ooze his way into the Fanboys' group through his connection to the lovely Sarcasm, Ruckus considers himself one of the most un-Fanboy of the Fanboys, mainly due to the fact that he has seen very little anime (well, he's seen a lot, but everything's relative, blast it!) and the fact that - despite the things his Y chromosomes compel him to do - he can at times be more Fangirl than the female members of the Fanboys. We can blame this appallingly New Age marriage of yin and yang on his extremely feminine astrological make-up, which was influenced by strange doctors who insisted that he be coerced into birth via c-section two weeks before his due date. Ruckus attributes his lack of sexual and romantic interest in women to this, because instead of passing through a woman's birth canal, he was lifted out of an abdomenal incision by the strong, warm hands of a handsome, rich doctor man wearing latex gloves and a rather fetching green mask. To this day, Ruckus has a fetish for being lifted out of abdomenal incisions by the strong, warm hands of handsome, rich doctor men wearing latex gloves and rather fetching green masks.

When he is not lusting after Chaos' lean, curvy body, or Carnage's Duo braid, or the hot Polish boys he saw while up in Toronto, or Tasuki/Valgarv/Raphael/Mikuro (and when is he not?), Ruckus likes to talk about himself (hence the length of this profile), ingest couscous, contemplate curry-flavored condoms, update his website, work himself to death, read until his eyes water, play the piano until his fingers ache, spread himself too thin, and fall in love with emotionally unavailable guys. However, assume not that Ruckus is a masochist, kind reader! Indeed, he has a habit of inflicting BAD THINGS™ on cute guys, and one day he plans to take a trip to Japan to continue this time-honored tradition in the Far East, much to the dismay of Okiayu Ryoutarou and other unfortunate (but cute!) seiyuu men whom he worships.

Quoted as saying: "OoOoOooOOH... 'The Friendly Greek'!"; "Day show?"; "Do you believe in advanced mutual compatibility on the basis of a primary initial ident?"

yes yes, I'm working on it.
Real Name: Ysabet MacFarlane
Nicknames: Hysteria, Ysa, 'that crazy girl with the unpronounceable name'
Age: no longer a teenager, thank God
Favorite Color: black (clothing), dark purple (everything else)

Introduced to the Fanboys by Beans at Anime North Y2K, and largely unfamiliar with their work, Hysteria was innocently minding her own business when she found herself presented with a t-shirt and summarily drafted to be their disturbingly cute "daughter". After a few moments of panic, she gave in to the seemingly-inevitable and has since embraced her role in their lives (a distant one, since she lives on the East Coast) with enthusiasm, gradually making her way through the canon fic, grilling Havoc for details, and attempting to win Chaos over.

She has an Honors BA in Theatre Studies from Dalhousie U. (and a minor in Religious Studies from St. Mary's U.). She has also studied acting, singing, piano, ballet, jazz, some Japanese, and a minuscule amount of Tai Chi. In her spare time (i.e., when not at work), she tries to write her novel and some fanfiction while maintaining a life. Her webpage, home to such wonders as her fanfiction and photo galleries from Anime North and a trip to Hong Kong, can be found at Her favorite anime are Evangelion, Utena, and SMoon.

Hysteria also enjoys reading, working with the Enneagram personality system, playing Quake I and Starcraft, watching the pre-Doggett X-Files, and selecting epigraphs for stories (Tori Amos being a favorite source) which she may or may not ever write. She has two older siblings, and a niece and a nephew, all of whom she adores, and none of whom she is actually related to. She lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia with her SO and two other family-like roommates, and hopes to someday make a living writing fantasy novels.

She believes everyone should read the following before they die: Spider Robinson's "Callahan" series, Neil Gaiman's "Sandman", "Elfquest", "The Mists of Avalon", and virtually anything by Orson Scott Card, Guy Gavriel Kay, Charles de Lint, or Pat Conroy.

Quoted as saying: "I don't think it's unreasonable to expect you to know what you're buying".