the Gunbuster cast.

Gunbuster: Aim For The Top!

Rating: 4 Rampages

Synopsis: Noriko, and her massively destructive mech.
Yes, it's time for Yet-Another-Alien-Invasion! The Earth is preparing to defend itself. Oblivious to this, Noriko Takaya, daughter of an admiral lost in space, tries to succeed in her dream: to become a Gunbuster robot pilot and go off into space like her father. This OVA series fluctuated between parody and drama and was notable for paying attention to Einstein and his Theory of Relativity as it pertains to near-lightspeed travel.

From the wonderful people who brought us such classic as Wings of Honneamise and Neon Genesis Evangelion, studio Gainax creates another animated masterpiece. Romance, drama, science, mecha (and WHAT a mecha!) comedy, and all this in an unoriginal premise done in such a wonderful manner you canít help but adore it. Side note: the gunbuster holds the record for largest number of enemy destroyed by any one mech, in any anime. BUSTER BEAM!

Gunbuster: the one and only...
Gunbuster! Toppu o Nerae! (Aim for the Top!)

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Updated 25-01-03