Battle Angel Alita

(aka Gunnm)

Rating: 3 Rampages

On a future Earth, there is a great floating city. Perhaps life is a futuristic paradise there...but we don't go there. Instead, we enter a city built underneath the floating city. In these slums, a cyborg engineer finds a discarded cyborg from the trash dropped from above. He rebuilds her and gives her a name: Alita.
Alita awakens in a world where living conditions are poor, gangs roam the area, and "survival of the fittest" applies. .Alita is apparently a child with no past...even to herself. Mysterious combat abilities are within her though and after a period of some confusion, Alita registers herself as a "hunter/warrior". The setting is very "Blade Runner" like in the depressing future and the dark city...

*sigh* Here we go again. This is one of the best examples of a huge manga like Dragon Half and Tatoon Master, that never got past the 2-part OVA status. This is a real shame in the case of Gunnm, as both the story and Yukito Kishiro's art were exceptional. This one hour OVA introduces us to the world of Alita, a young girl who is confused and lost at first, but through her newfound friends and her bounty hunter guardian, gains a new sense of purpose in the ring. Probably the most frustrating part of it all is the fact that all fans of the manga know how awesome many of her battles were, yet we get to see NONE of them...she never even gets into the ring (obviously saved for subsequent episodes that never got off the drawing board). Visually quite well done, but starting to look kind of dated (at least you can still see Kishiro's designs holding strong), Gunnm's strongest point (writing) gets left behind thanks to the fact that these two episodes were, in effect, a prologue for something that never got done. As I said before, a crying go read the manga and experience the story as it was meant to be experienced. Sorta recommended.

Availability: Available subbed or dubbed from ADVision.

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