Gunsmith Cats

Rating: 3 Rampages

Synopsis: Rally and May, hard at work.
Girls, guns and grenades! Meet Rally Vincent and Minnie May. By day, they work at the Chicago gun shop that they own. By night (or holidays or week-ends), they moonlight as a pair of bounty hunters called the Gunsmith Cats. Rally is an expert at firearms, being able to judge the condition of a gun with a glance, and being an expert marksman. Minnie May is younger and less disciplined...and has an absolute fascination with explosives. Lots of explosives. Especially big ones. Together, they form an unbeatable team... much to the consternation of the local ATF bureau. Set in the city of Chicago, this action-adventure series features a lot of gunfights, car chases and general mayhem.

Another series that really should be longer. At only three episodes, this rather unique story pits babes Rally and May up against some really neat villains of the Chicago underworld. Very well drawn, with a unique story and nice music, this is a good series worth watching any time.

Available subtitled or dubbed through ADVision.

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