Guy Double Target

Rating: 2½ Rampages

Synopsis: Guy and some lady who has lost her's a tough life.
When Guy and Raina discover a seemingly abandoned spaceship, what looks to be a simple salvage operation turns into a nightmarish odyssey. On the prison planet Geo, sadistic warden Helga has built an illegal empire based upon white slavery and the illegal exploitation of convicts. The worst is yet to come, for the sinister Dr. Vail is also a resident of this forgotten penal colony, where he has developed a horrifying new de-evolutionary process that turns hapless inmates into inhuman monsters! The voracious appetites of Vail's creations and Helga's own bizarre tastes have transformed Geo into a literal hell. However, the mad rulers of Geo have never crossed paths with someone like Guy before and by the time he's through with them, they will know exactly what it means to dare the devil! Contains Graphic Violence, Graphic Sex, Nudity and Adult Situations.

Pretty much a very hentai parody of most sci-fi adventures with plenty of feeble excuses for various characters constantly losing their clothes. Itís very obvious theyíre not trying to explain it, however, so you donít take it seriously. In that context, itís silly hentai fun along the lines of Barbarella, only not quite as cheesy.

Available subtitled or dubbed through SoftCel Pictures.