The Guyver, Bio-Booster Armor

Rating: 1 Rampage Fun with fog

The Guyver is a 12 part anime which tells the story of Sho Fukamachi and his friends as they find themselves mixed up in the experiments made by a powerful corporation called Chronos on humans. Sho accidenatlly activates one of the three Guyver units and all at once he finds himself attacked by humans who can morph into Zoanoids and whom objective is to kill Sho and recapture the Guyver unit at all costs.

A face only a mother could love Review:
This is extraordinarily bad. Lame art and nonexistent character development combined with a monster-of-the-week storyline make for an instantly forgettable series. Recommended as a form of torture. (There is also a live action version with Mark Hamill that is even worse. New milestone here folks...)

Available subbed or dubbed from Manga Entertainment.