I'll Make a Habit of it

(Chou Kuseninarisou)

Rating: 2 and a half Rampages a really crappy picture of the yamhead-clone

Nagisa is the number-one Idol singer in Japan. She's feeling restricted by the pressures upon her, and determines to go to a regular school. When she is reminded by her manager, quite correctly, that if she does, she'll be mobbed, she comes up with a solution. She'll cut off her hair and go as a boy! Complications ensue, of course. Not the least is that she falls in love with a boy she meets at the school. The problem is, that he thinks that SHE is also a HE. He is NOT thrilled about having another guy following him around with love in his eyes. There are numerous sub-plots in this series, and there is indeed an overall theme leading to a VERY surprising climax in the final 2 episodes.

Good goddess...this is just so wrong. I swear, when I saw the main character and her love interest in the opening credits, I screamed. She looks like Chibi-usa, he looks like Mamoru...I rest my case. And if that wasnít weird enough for you...how 'bout her bear friend (no, not a small stuffed bear, a BEAR. You know, the six foot tall kind?) Itís big, itís purple, and it walks around in an oversized school uniform trying to look inconspicuous...aiya. Just from looking at the first two eps (well okay, the first one and about fifteen minutes of the second...I just couldnít take any more of that *krunk*ing bear) I could tell right away this was SO much like Hime-Chan No Ribbon, I really didnít need to see any more. And you thought Pokota was weird...recommended only if you have an extraordinarily high tolerance for things that screw you up in the head, or if you are like Desolation, who actively seeks out punishment like this..

Currently only available fansubbed.