Hana Yori Dango

Rating: 2 Rampages

Synopsis: Floating through sparkles always makes me smile
!! Hana Yori Dango loosely translates to "Boys over Flowers" or "I'll take Boys over Flowers". Makino Tsukushi's an ordinary 16-year-old girl from a poor family. But her whole life changed when she manage to get into Eitoku Gakuen, a prestigious private school, because of her brains. One day, Tsukushi's friend, Endou Makiko, slips down the stairs in school and stumbles onto Doumiyouji Tsukasa, the leader of F4. The F4 are four boys from the richest and most influential families in Japan. Tsukushi tries to defend Makiko-chan but she gets herself into trouble with the F4. Tsukushi gets a red card in her locker....courtesy of the F4! She's being tagged for hazing! After several days of hazing, Tsukushi finally decides that all of this must stop. She stands up against the F4 and gives them a taste of their own medicine as she slaps a red card on each of them! And in one occasion, she kicked Doumiyouji in the face! Since then, Doumiyouji finds himself attracted to Tsukushi.
Meanwhile, Tsukushi finds herself falling for the mysterious Hanazawa Rui, a member of the F4. But she feels that she could not compete with Toudou Shizuka, a beautiful model who is a close friend of the F4. Tsukushi and the boys

Blah. After seeing a whole slew of sites for this, and hearing some of my female Otaku friends raving about it I was expecting something more than a really crappy rehash of Marmalade Boy with crappy animation. Right from the opening song (which is pretty forgettable both musically and lyrically) this one is so typefied it's not funny. Big flashy opening number that has NOTHING to do with the show...always a bad sign (see Brain Powerd if you need another example) The whole plotline is practically identical to Marmalade Boy; It is soo easy to see who ends up with whom it's sick. considering that it was made AFTER Marmalde Boy, the animation is horrid; See the expression Tsukushi has on her face over to the right? Get used to it, because she wears that same damned expression 99% of the time; Surprised, shocked, angry, happy, confused, daydreaming..it REALLY gets on your nerves after a while. Though MB had it's faults, this one takes all of them and makes a spectacle of them. all in all, a pretty lousy show, even by shoujo standards. Not recommended.

Herself the Elf sez: I have to give this one a few more points, just because it has a really fun opening number and a whole passel o' bishounens. ^_^

Only available fansubbed at the moment.