Hand Maid May

Oooh, won't you please plug me in?

Deso's Rating: 3 Rampages

Episodes seen: 11 of 10 (no, this isn't a typo)

When the villainous Nanbara infects the computer of his lifelong friend/arch enemy Kazuya, it results in the accidental delivery of a cheerful and sweet 1/6 scale cyborg maid named May. of course, Nanbara is still obsessed with seeking his "revenge" against the slightly absent-minded Kazuya and constantly schemes against him and his new "chibi robo" as the cast of bizarre characters increases. And there's's still the matter of the $1,450,000 bill for May....

Deso says: Hand Maid May seems to be one of those animes that you'll either love or hate with no in-between. Carnage disliked it because he found it to be too misogynistic. I think he was taking it WAY too seriously (and this show was never MEANT to be taken seriously at all). I'll admit that May herself is a bit subservient but she's a robot maidservant, what do you expect? The rest of the female cast hardly falls in this category, especially the ever tom-boyish Kasumi (my personal favorite character in this series.). Nanbara is a bizarre (and funny) cross between El Hazard's Jinnai and SMJ's Hanagata and is hilarious to watch! As the cast of Cyberdolls increases, so does the insanity of this off the wall series (in espisode 11 May's personality is split amoung 5 chibi Mays. It's almost like watching the SD Pestis, without number 3 of course). Cute, fun and with just a bit of ecchi (panty shots and the ever famous Gainax Bounce), Hand Maid May makes for an entertaining wild ride. Just sit back, turn off your brain and enjoy! Recommended.

Herself the Elf's Rating: 2 Rampages

Herself the Elf sez: Okay, here's the other side. I've only seen one or two eps of Hand Maid May, and can't say I'm interested in seeing more. I've seen way too much of the cute-brainless-robot-girl formula over the years and it isn't getting any less irritating. You know, I'm pretty tired of seeing unbelievably stupid girls (and/or unbelievably stupid girl robots) being idolized as the perfect girlfriend. Yeah, just what all guys want - a brainless artificial girl who they don't have to bother treating right because she's their devoted slave--oops, I mean maid. Ugh. Show me one anime that puts a male character in such an obviously objectified role...Then there's the rather off-colour jokes...now I'm pretty much as far from prudish as one can get, but there were a couple jokes, like where May's USB port plugs in, that were just unnecessary. Anyways, that's the reason why many of us at Fanboys HQ (Deso excluded, of course) call this show 'Handjob May'.

Okay, some of the other female characters may not be as subservient as May, but I'm sick of these stupid plots where hordes of girls just HAPPEN to fall madly in love with one guy (for no discernable reason). Enough, already. I mean, at least the Suzaku Seishi had some excuse for all falling for Miaka, her being the only girl in the whole damn country (or so it appeared)...given the number of females in FY she was probably the first girl they'd ever seen. But I digress...Anyways, if you're looking for fanservice and submissive robot girls to fantasize about, then by all means pick up Hand Maid May. I won't.

Available subbed and dubbed from Pioneer.