Jungle wa Itsumo Hare Nochi Guu

(In the Jungle, it's Always Hare and Guu)

Rating: 3 Rampages

Episodes seen: 1 of ? Hare, Guu and Hare's mom

Set in an absurd jungle right out of Salvador Dali, "Hare Nochi Guu" is about a boy named Hare, who is saddled with an extraordinarily strange and mainly malicious "cute little girl", Guu, who spends most of her time making Hare's life miserable and swallowing things to entertain the people who live in the Yellow Submarine-esque world in her stomach. Although the series is based on a shounen manga, and most of the ads during the TV broadcasts are aimed at kids, as Guu says in an aside to the camera in episode 5, "This scene isn't really for kids".

Herself the Elf sez: I should hope it isn't for kids, seeing as the whole thing is like one long acid trip. I swear, the only explanation for shows like this and Alien 9 is that somebody shipped a whole bunch of drugs to various animation studios. We saw this at our local club, near the end of a whole run of single episodes of REALLY wacked-out shows, and I think this one broke pretty much all of us. I mean, it was pretty funny, but while I was laughing I could feel my brain exploding.

The animation's okay, but the design's in this simplistic and cartoony style that makes it look like a kid's show, except there are all these really WEIRD things that keep popping up (like these strange animal things (I just don't know what the hell they were) sort of like mutated rabbits and sort of like walking letter Ms). I just don't know who this is aimed at, since I would think it would warp kids for life. Hell, I think it's warped ME for life...well, for awhile anyways. Throughout the one episode I was just saying 'What the hell IS that?' at pretty much everything, and Goddess knows I've got a pretty high tolerance for weird shit. I'm kind of curious to see where they're going with all of this, although maybe I'm just wondering what will happen to the characters when the animators run out of drugs. If you have an inhuman tolerance for weirdness (or have a shortage of mind-altering substances and need a quick replacement), then I'd recommend Hare & Guu, as it *was* funny. The serious-minded should stay very far away.

Available fansubbed for the time being.