Haunted Junction

Rating: 3½ Rampages The cover of the LD

Haruto is the President of the Student Council. But, as he so angrily points out, he would never have accepted the position if he knew it was the "Holy" Student Council. However, despite his protests, he remains the leader of an organization that consists of himself (who is a Christian), Mutsuki, a young Shinto priestess, and Kazuo, a Buddhist monk-in-training. They have been gathered together by the school's principal for a very important mission. Their high school sits in the middle of an area triangulated by a Christian Church, a Buddhist Temple, and a Shinto Shrine. The result is that their school is a virtual hotspot of supernatural activity. Their task is to capture and subdue the seven ghosts that are roaming their school. These ghosts range from a voluptuous woman who lives in one of the bathroom stalls to a giant pair of feet. As Haruto and company try to round up each of the ghosts, they reveal their special abilities. Kazuo, for example, has the ability to become possessed by the spirits of dead people and especially animals. Mutsuki is able to exorcise things with her Shinto abilities, and Haruto, well, he doesn't really have any special powers. Needless to say, Haruto takes a lot of damage during the battles, but it's all for a good cause, isn't it? Character designs are done by Nakajima Atsuko, who is perhaps most famous for her work on RANMA and TAIHO SHICHAU ZO.

Woah. The week before I saw this at my local club, my sister asked me "That Haunted Junction show, it any good?" My response was that I couldn't say, I'd heard little about it. Man oh man, was I unprepared for this. If ever an Anime series was made that came close to depicting the life of the Fanboys, this would be it. Not since Child's Toy have I seen this much barely controlled insanity in such a short timespan. While not a very long series (something like 12 eps I think, but I could be wrong) it is a joy to watch. The characters are all wonderfully zany and pretty unique. One thing I was very impressed with was the lewdness of the show, centering on Mutsuki's obsession with bishounen grade-school boys. It's a nice change to have a female pervert for once, and it is pulled off wonderfully. Every one of the school's ghosts has its own story too, right up to and including the Giant Feet. Even the running gags are well done; Kazuo getting possessed by some strange animal spirit, Mutsuki running after some pretty-boy half her age, and, of course, Haruto saying (in english) "Oh My God!" at the end of every episode. The animation is very good, most notably the character designs. The opening and closing songs are fitting for the series, pumped and zany, very Kodocha. If you want something silly and fun, filled with stuff new and unique, then this is for you. All in all a great show, and worth the money.

Kazuo, Mutsuki and Haruto looking shocked, "DON'T CALL ME PRESIDENT!!!"

Currently available subtitled through Animevillage.com.