Rating: 4 Rampages

Episodes seen: 1 of ? do NOT piss her off.

In modern-day England, a secret (but government-funded) task force known as the Hellsing Institution leads a crack team of specialists to dispose of the vampires plaguing the country. The team is led by Van Helsing's great-grandaughter, and she commands a very powerful, bad-assed vampire who is her top exterminator--and may just be the legendary vampire, Dracula, himself.

I stole Vash's sunglasses.

Chaos sez: I'll be honest: after seeing this show, I wet myself. It was so fucking cool! And then when I learned that the series had only recently started up in Japan (and thusly only the first ep. was available fansubbed), I cried myself to sleep.

From its disturbing imagery in the opening song to its rather bloody but deliciously beautiful final battle, Hellsing looks to be everything I felt Nightwalker should have been. And it's got a neat twist to Bram Stoker's original novel as well. If the first episode is any indication of what lies ahead, I intend to watch this from start to finish, regardless of who I have to stake to get the fansubs.

One of the biggest things that appealed to me was Alucard. These days it's a trend to show vampires as being angst-ridden creatures wanting to be human again. Not Alucard. Carting around a hand-made gun that fires silver bullets made from melting down the cross of one of England's famous cathedrals, Alucard is one mean mutha vamp. He joins the illustrious ranks of Dark Schneider and Gokudo as serious badass shitkickers. Alucard is playful and sadistic all at once, and gleefully states how he's doing the vampire world a favour by killing off the ones who don't meet his standards.

In watching the first episode, you will see some shades of Resident Evil 2, but that just adds to the fun. Stylishly animated, Hellsing is definitely a show to watch for in the future.

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Updated 25-01-03