Hime Chan No Ribbon

Himeko and her mascot.  IKE, IKE, GO, GO, JUUUMMPP!

Rating: 2 Rampages

In a parallel world made up of witches and magicians, the aspirant to the throne must create and test a magical device on their double in the real world. Young Hime-chan just happens to be the double of the princess of the magical world, and the magical device is a ribbon that allows her to become anyone she wants. This has to last one year, however, and she canít let anyone know that she has it. With her talking plush lion Pokota, she has to avoid obsessed photographers, witch hunters and various others who have caught a glimpse of her transformation and want to expose her. Very cute; a kidsí type show by the creator of Nurse Angel Ririka SOS.

Now, I suppose I should be fairly objective considering itís a kidsí show, but I just couldnít get over the absolute sappiness of this series. Itís practically a carbon-copy of Ririka, only slightly less insipid. Recommended only for little kids or anybody immune to cavities.

Currently only available fansubbed.

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