Rating: 2½ Rampages ...Once again I have cut a worthless object...

Himejima Himiko doesn't know who her parents are. In fact, she can't remember much about her past at all. She, in fact, is a sacred child from a parallel fantasy realm. At the event of her birth, during a sacred flame ritual, an evil general with sadistic intentions invades the palace, causing the six guardians of the flame to be dispersed, and nearly killing Himiko. Several years later, Himiko and her adoptive brother return to Himiko's homeland, to find it torn apart by war; it's up to Himiko to reunite the six guardians and return order to the realm.

...Wow, that's pretty incredible. I've never seen a show that so blatantly rips off every sucessful fantasy series in the last five years; from the Lodoss War TV series to Escaflowne and everything in between. The opening credits are the most obvious theft (being a far less interesting carbon copy of the Lodoss opening), but at least they has a good song to go along with them (Yuko Sasaki's Pure Snow). The story itself is like an amalgamation of elements from Fushigi Yuugi, Escaflowne, Maze Bakunetsu Jiku, Lodoss War TV, and Magic Knights Rayearth but managing to remain utterly devoid of the vigor any of them possessed. Sarcasm and I spent just about all four episodes picking out all the obvious thefts..."Look it's Tomo in a cheap knock-off of Ashram's armor!" or, "What's the Zaibach army doing here?"..well, we were until Sarcasm fell asleep from boredom. The art isn't anything to write home about either, and most of the character designs are just plain weird, like the evil soldiers that all look like dorky clay armored toys, or Tadame who looks like she belongs in Wedding Peach rather than some generic fantasy series. The music (other than the opening song) is also rather uninteresting...standard low grade fantasy BGM stuff. I am the villain!  Look at the size of my shoulder pads, who else could I be? The characters are all rather flat stereotypes that I just couldn't bring myself to care about, certainly not the pathetic excuse for a villain who prances around doing everything possible to showcase the fact that he's the bad guy. You know, constant intensity and evil acts tend to desensitize people to the impact of the whole "Evil Overlord" thing. And I must say, Kyou (the weird doll-mascot thing) reaches new levels of annoyance previously unattainable by anime mascots; I really do hope that thing joins the rest of its race real soon. Once again we see that just because a video game is successful does not mean it will translate well into an anime series...well at least it's only 12 episodes. And that right there is probably the best thing about Himiko Den...It's not very good on any level, but it's eminently forgettable, and thankfully shorter than many even worse series.

But honestly, I still wouldn't really recommend it to you folks...better to watch the shows it rips off and remember why they were fun in the first place than waste ones time watching something witth all the trappings of a good show and STILL managing to bore the hell out of you.

Only available fansubbed at this time.