Homeroom Affairs

(Tanin no Kankei)
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Rating: 3 Rampages

Episodes seen: 2 of 2

26 year old Tokiro Ehara is just starting his new teaching career at an elite all-girl high school in Tokyo, and he's about to discover just how advanced some of his female pupils are. Enter Miyako, an "18-year-old" student with a mind of her own. In the 1st episode Miyako's father asks Tokiro to watch over his Daughter(Tokiro agrees while completely plastered) but Tokiro soon has to wonder who is teaching who?

In the 2nd(and last) episode Tokiro and Miyako have been living together for 2 months(she lost her apartment when her father's business went under) and Tokiro is still valiantly resisting Miyako's advances. Then Miyako's ex arrives on the scene and what's worse, the school finds out that teacher and student share the same roof!

Deso says: OK, when my friend first lent me this tape I didn't really expect much from it. I expected another student/teacher hentai with no real plot or redeeming features. Boy was I surprised! Homeroom Affairs is another one of those shows like Sakura Diaries (Wai! Wai!) that gets so close to being hentai but never quite crosses the line and thus remains in the sex-comedy and romance category. Basically it's an amusing ecchi romp that never really tries to take itself too seriously. Though the slightly old style art turned me off at first glance the animation is quite good and the story keeps you laughing. Miyako is a delight to watch as she constantly teases her "Teach". Strangely enough she reminds my of a cross between Nabiki and Kasumi Tendo (Nabiki's manipulative evil mixed with Kasumi's nurturing ways. Try to bend your head around it.). And although this series seems to be trying to hit every cliché in the romance/comedy genre it does it in a way that keeps you laughing.

On the plus side, Tokiro is a much more likable character than Sakura Diaries' Touma. He's basically a nice guy with a serious attitude who is a bit (OK a lot) naive about the female half of the species. According to Jelynne, he's just that perfect degree of pathetic (her words, not mine) that make him attractive, if more in a mothering way than a throw-him-down-and-ravish-him way (sorry elf-chan, no new harem boy today). Overall it's just a bit of silly, ecchi fun with a little bit of sweet thrown in. If you liked Sakura Diaries, you'll probably like this. Recommended.

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