The cast of Cutey Honey

New Cutey Honey

Rating: 2½ Rampages Gawa naiyo!

In a dark future time, evil forces lurk in the shadows. Out of nowhere comes a Warrior of Love: Cutey Honey. She has the ability to change her appearance to anything she wants and her powers match her appearance. Her true form is that of a woman who has a sword that can overcome her enemies. In everyday life, she is a blond, pretty girl who is the object of desire by her (male) friends. Oh yes...a small surprise: Honey is an android.

A cute little OVA series that is good really only because of the barrage of panty and breast shots strewn throughout each slapstick episode. Story? You want a story? Well youíre not likely to find one here. Donít expect to find any character development either. Nevertheless, itís still a funny anime, and worth renting if nothing else.

Available subtitled or dubbed through ADVision.

The World Of Cutey Honey

Honey running