Wings Of Honneamise

Rating: 5 Rampages Shiro and his crew.

In an alternate world, Shirotsugh Lhadatto dreams of becoming a pilot...but his grades weren't good enough, so he became a member of the Royal Space Force instead. The Space Force is led by a General whose dream is to put the first man into space. The Space Force, however, is a laughing stock and a career dead end, so its members aren't exactly the cream of the crop. After an encounter with Leiquinni Nondelaiko, a very religious girl, Shiro is inspired to volunteer to be the first astronaut. The movie details the growth of Shiro's character, as well as the trials - both political and technical - which culminate in the launch of the first manned rocket.

An excellent story about the power of the human spirit, this breathtakingly beautiful movie will blow you away with the amazing animation job and complex storyline. The characters are never stereotypical; even the hero isnít much of a hero. This movie rises above and beyond (no pun intended) the usual confines of anime to set new levels of excellence. Some people find the religious overtones a little too heavy-handed, but opinions on that differ from fan to fan. Despite these differences, nearly all agree itís a masterpiece. A dubbed version exists called "Star Quest"...for the sake of your sanity, avoid it.

Available subtitled or dubbed through Manga Entertainment.