Senkaiden Houshin Engi

Rating: 2 Rampages What the hell is that thing?

In a mythical Chinese world, Taikoubou, a young warrior, has a serious problem. An evil sorceress named Datsuki has taken control of the king of Chouka, the land below the realm Taikoubou inhabits. She's using her powers of temptation to control his mind, and is ravaging the land for her own personal enjoyment. To help her scheme, she has employed the use of 365 different demon "souls" to carry out her dirty work. Unfortunately for Taikoubou, it's up to him to "seal" these demons away and prevent them from not only destroying Chouka, but also breaking into the Human realm and threatening Humanity itself. Taikoubou

Well this is an interesting new trend...dig up the chinese legends and turn them all into animated TV series. Hey, no problem here, just make them interesting and fun and I'm all for it. Too bad the creators of Houshin Engi didn't think of that when they made this show, otherwise it might actually have been worth my time. By the fourth episode of a series, one would expect to have been given some reason to keep watching, i.e. the plot gets introduced and you start to get drawn into the story. Well, not in this anime. By episode 4 a whole lot of nothing has really happened. The (rather annoying, goody-two-shoes) hero just kind of bums around aimlessly until he finds a demon to blast with his baton. We also get to be subjected to the Tolkien syndrome of magic items...every time someone shows up with some funky weapon or armor or little dinky wand thingy, we get the whole bloody description of what it is, what it does, how stupidly powerful it is, blah, blah, blah. Like we care. Then there's the demons, or should I say Youma as they have pretty much the same lifespan and intelligence level. They show up, Taikoubou tells them off, a crappy CGI fight later and there's one less monster in the world...yay. Exciting.

A bit later, we are granted the introduction of, obviously, one of the other main characters who's this kid with weird hair, these floating disks beneath his feet, and a pair of heat seeking metal armbands that he shoots at people. Sound cool? Well it would be if they'd actually go somewhere with it already. It seems that everything in this show takes a bloody eternity to get going, including the characters. So far, the only one that seems even the least bit interesting is Datsuki herself. There is still some hope left in me that it'll get better eventually, but those first two hours of it were rather spectacularly uninteresting. The art is also very unimpressive...I would really like to know what bad acid the character designers were doing when they created the characters for this show, as they are all (with the exception of the nameless extras, who all look like they fit into the time period) really either really freaky looking, or just freakishly dressed. I swear, that thing Taikoubou rides looks like a bloody marshmallow, not a hippo. The opening song is fairly catchy, but not spectacular, and the rest of the music isn't really noteworthy. As I said, it looks like it could turn into a decent series once it gets going, but I really don't think I have the patience to wait that long if this is any indication. Not recommended.

Only available fansubbed at this time.