Hyper Dolls

Rating: 1 and a half Rampages Mew and Mica

Meet Mew and Mica. On the surface, they seem to be two normal schoolgirls, but they're anything but that. Just ask Akai Hideo. These two girls are actually aliens on a mission to protect Earth from monsters...but they're far more interested in going out and having fun. Akai knows about them, but doesn't want to stay around them. Would you want to be a friend to a Hyper Doll who takes you along into battle...just so you can watch her fight? I just love breathing vacuum...

*sigh* Here is an example of something trying WAY too hard to be funny, and failing miserably. The monsters are completely moronic, the girls themselves are pathetically two dimensional, and they arenít even drawn all that well. The music is pretty lame, add to that a complete lack of plot, and you have a rather large stinker on your hands. Not even worth the effort of MSTing.

Available subtitled or dubbed through Pioneer Animation.