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Hyper Police

Rating: 3 Rampages Natsuki and Batanen

In the year 22 H.C. (Holy Century), human beings are on the brink of extinction, and Shinjuku is now a town where demons, goblins and monsters lead an ordinary existence. Together with the national police, a number of private police forces have been formed to maintain public peace and order among the diverse species.
The main character, Natsuki Sasahara, works for one of these private police forces. She also happens to be half demon cat and half human with a special ability to use electrical power. Her partner is Sakura, a fox spirit (kitsune) who's always eyeing Natsuki as a snack so she can absorb Natsuki's magical power and earn her ninth tail. Of course, everyone misinterprets Sakura's interest in Natsuki. "I'm NOT a lesbian!!!" Meanwhile, a fellow cop (this one's a werewolf) named Batanen has a crush on Natsuki, although that doesn't stop him from hitting on every female in a 5-mile radius.

As if there weren't enough anthropomorphic animals in anime already, here we get a show where about 90% of the cast are lizard men, wolf men, cat girls, fox girls, etc. *sigh* One-trick-gimmicks aside, Hyper Police is far from being a worthless show. Silly characters, catchy (if unoriginal) music, an antagonist that rivals Nakago for irritation factor, and plenty of monster killing all around. The plot is pretty simplistic, and we all know that Natsuki and Sakura will end up being the best of friends (*sigh* enough with the formulas) by the end of the series. Nearly everything about this show is pretty ordinary, just fun. With it's very formulaic plot and predictable characters, I can't recommend Hyper Police as anything more than a fun way to kill time. It's entertaining, but in the end it's nothing more than another re-write of a formula.

Only available fansubbed at the moment.

Natsuki playing cat-and-mouse with Sakura's tail