For as much as the fanboys hope that she'd just go back to the future and annoy their selves to come, Hysteria's here to stay and make their lives a kawaii little hell-chan. Cute as a button (and just as smart!), the impossibly bosom-endowed daughter from the future continues to throw impromptu tea parties, steal hapless bishie boys her age, and exhibit character traits from both Senshi and fanboy alike.

If the answer to her parentage is ever revealed, guaranteed said future momma-chan and poppa-chan are going to be doing a lot of running from the ensuing smites. But Hysteria could care less about that, running around with her baby SD Godzilla-thingy Catastrophe and terrorizing the other fanboys (not to mention her unwilling pet tiger demon, Tora) with her Hysteriafics, incessant "Ne? Ne? Ne?" and kawaii homicidal fit-chans.

Mass Destruction Title: Hysteria-chan
Japanese Translation of Name: Kyoukou
Assumed Name: Dota Chateau-briande
Latin Nomenclature: Infanta Futeris Cutius Moronica

Fav. Anime OVA series: Hell Custom Kitty
Fav. Anime TV series: Ayashi no CeresCeres
Fav. Anime of all times: Urusei Setsuna
Fav. Hentai flick: I Wanna Be An Angel of Darkness
Fav. Manga artist(s): herself
Fav. Manga of all time: The Adventures of Captain Bob Stupendous and his Caterpillars of Doom
Fav. Website: HamsterDance

Age in appearance: 10
Looks like: Bakuretsu Hunter's Dota-chan
Sex: Female

Birthdate: unknown
Zodiac: unknown
Blood Type: kawaii
Special abilities: uber kawaiiness, instant set-up for kawaii tea parties, her QT (Cutie) Field
Disorder(s): excruciating uber kawaiiness, road rage, supreme idiocy, writing hideously cute Hysteriafics, uncute fangirl avatar fury, use of any disorder a parental fanboy possesses
Smiting technique(s): Kawaii Killer Butterfly Attack, Shi Shi Pokota, Fancy La La Blueguna Girl Blade, Giggle slave, running things over in her Nekotank-chan

Hobbies: hosting kawaii little tea party-chans, making kawaii little frilly apron-chans, unwittingly torturing Tora, writing Hysteriafics, annoying the hell out of everyone else
Dislikes: kawaiikune, obstacles in front of her Nekotank

Income: A bigger baka disability pension than Chaos'; Kawaii Café Ne? Ne? Ne?; chan-no-yu lessons; people paying her not to write Hysteriafics

Ultimate dream of all time: to host the biggest kawaii little tea party in the world...Kami-sama help us all.

Biggest Anime Mindfuck of the Century:"Ooooh, mindfuck-chan! Mindfuck-chan! Hysteria doesn't know what it is, but she's sure it'll be so kawaii, ne? Ne? Ne?"

(Some of the fanboys argue she IS the biggest Anime Mindfuck.)

Fav. food:Macha tea-chan, cookie-chans, chocolate-chan, S2 Engine-chans
Least Fav. food: so far, nothing we can find
Likes to Study: cute things that really have no actual bearing on the fanfic or reality in general
Doesn't Like to Study: uncute things

Anime character she most admires: Iris Chateau-briande. ("Ooooh! Iris-chan is just so kawaii, and she has such a kawaii little psychic power, ne?")

Anime stud she worships: Clamp Campus Detective's Suoh Takamura
Anime stud she fears: to the best of our knowledge, she fears no man. Every man fears her.

Dream date: "Oooh! Hysteria's kawaii little dream date would have Hysteria and Su-chan going having a kawaii little tea party, ne?"

Quoted as saying: "Oooooh! It's sooooo kawaii, ne?"

Most Memorable Fanboy Moment: We'd share it with you, but it's just so kawaii-intense that we feared you'd launch yourself off a high ledge just to make the diabetic hurting stop.