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For as much as the fanboys hope that she'd just go back to the future and annoy their selves to come, Hysteria's here to stay and make their lives a kawaii little hell-chan. Cute as a button (and just as smart!), the impossibly bosom-endowed daughter from the future continues to throw impromptu tea parties, steal hapless bishie boys her age, and exhibit character traits from both Senshi and fanboy alike.
If the answer to her parentage is ever revealed, guaranteed said future momma-chan and poppa-chan are going to be doing a lot of running from the ensuing smites. But Hysteria could care less about that, running around with her baby SD Godzilla-thingy Catastrophe and terrorizing the other fanboys (not to mention her unwilling pet tiger demon, Tora) with her Hysteriafics, incessant "Ne? Ne? Ne?" and kawaii homicidal fit-chans.

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