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Rating: 2½ Rampages Mimu

Mimu (written as "future dream") Emilton has chosen the path towards becoming an idol. She wants to follow in the footsteps of Yuri: an idol whose charm was so great that she was elected World President and united the world. Mimu want someday to be able to sing songs and make toys that will make people all over the world happy, just like Yuri. To this end she enters the big, Big, BIG event: The Excellent Idol Competition. Held every year during the Starland Festival, the auditions search for the next Excellent Idol. The Excellent Idols are the best of the best idols who have taken Yuri's place after her retirement. On her path towards becoming an idol, she is delayed and sidetracked. These delays are caused by the Excellent Idols themselves, as each sees something special in her, and stops her to give her advice (or to get ice cream). But as the day progresses, these delays become the least of her problems . . .

Whoa. This was a warped piece of animation. Obviously a satirical poke at the world of Japanese idol singers, this one freaked me out a little (okay, a LOT.) The character designs are VERY kawaii and the story is pretty typical shoujo ("I wanna be an idol!") It has quite a few really funny moments, but overall just really weird. We spent most of the time with our mouths hanging open, going "what the...?!?!?" Music is alright, and once you get past how sickeningly kawaii the girls are, the art is too. Recommended only to fans who like shoujo, otherwise this is likely to seriously warp your mind.

Currently only available fansubbed.

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