Assemble Insert

Rating: 2½ Rampages When did I walk into an episode of the X-Files?

The "Demon Seed" organization is robbing lots of banks and jewelry stores. The police can't catch them and worse, they cause a lot of civilian damage while trying. The solution? Hold an audition for the new "Anti-Demon Seed" heroine who can also become a music idol. This way, the public won't become so upset at the civilian damage that's going to happen anyway. Cute, sweet 8th grader Maron Namikaze wins this slot due to her enormous strength. This OAV series parodies both the superhero genre and idol girls.

Okay, this one left me more than a little confused. Will someone please explain to me why the hell nearly all the characters have NO FREAKIN NOSES!?!? As Mihoshi would say, Zen zen wakarimasen...(that's "I don't understand it at all" for those of you linguistically challenged) The animation isn't really all that noteworthy, and most of the gags in this are really bad Japanese puns, so no matter how well they’re translated you’re still not gonna get them. the music is also pretty forgettable, and the voices were kinda grating, but the fact that it’s ripping up the "babes in power armor" genre gives it some merit. Not really bad, just not really good either.

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