Rating: 3½ Rampages Yasha lookin' evil

When modern-day school girl Kagome is spirited back to a feudal Japan in the throes of civil war, she meets strange and terrible legendary creatures! Her adventure begins when, innocently entering the ancient Shinto shrine her family takes care of, she is attacked by a hideous six-armed monster with the upper torso of a woman and the lower extremities of a hideous insect! When she finally escapes the vicious beast's clutches, she finds she has been spirited to a different place. Or has she? Looking around she recognizes a familiar tree, then sees that pinned to its bark with arrows is a fantastic creature, a boy with ears just like a dog's! Before she can think twice, she is attacked by hostile villagers who look like they jumped straight out of the pages of a history book. And to make matters even worse, the hideous insect monster returns to wreak havoc on the village as it searches for a mysterious jewel.... Will Kagome ever find her way home? Kagome and the centipede lady

Well it's about bloody time. How many years have fans of the manga been waiting for Takahashi to finally deliver on her promise of an anime series for Inuyasha? Well, just judging from the first episode I'd say the wait was not in vain. Packed with the same comedy and suspense that the manga was, slickly animated in a style that only just barely looks like the old Takahashi designs, and backed up by some very good music and actors, Inuyasha has the potential to be a huge seller when Viz gets it over here. Unfortunately, the series is painfully short, and at under 26 episodes it's pretty obvious that a lot of the manga will either get skipped over or just outright ignored. Ah well, at least there's finally something to watch.

As I said before, the character designs (with the exception of Inuyasha himself) are very different from Takahashi's other series, and everyone (FINALLY!!) looks more grown up and less stylized than usual. The backgrounds are very grand and beautiful, and the fights are fluid and impressivley drawn, especially for a TV series. As for the characters, they are pretty much straight from the manga, so fans will be quite happy with them. Personally, I adore Inuyasha as he's like a less foulmouthed Darshu...a totally selfish and self centered bastard that you can't help but love ^_^

The story seems to be rather loosely worked off the manga, and will probably be an alternate version of the story most of us know. The up side to this is that since there is less time to do everything in, the show keeps moving from point to point without slowing down. Hopefully we won't have to wait TOO long for this to start showing up on store shelves, but until then you can always bug your local fansubbers (Ferdama, I'm looking in your direction ^_^) into submission. Yet another one of the top notch TV series of 2000/2001, Inuyasha is a must see for anyone who likes action, comedy and suspense all in the same package.

Chaos sez: After seeing up to episode 43 of Inu Yasha, I can happily contradict Carnage on one part of his review. The anime stays surprisingly close to the manga. I've read up to book 9 of the Viz translations, and there are only a handful of differences between the manga and the TV series, almost all of them not worth discussing. Most are just that the TV series omitted a few battles with 'demon of the day' creatures.

Inu Yasha TV actually gets better the more you watch it. The animation quality has yet to decrease, much like the way it went with Ranma. Some of the single battles you read in the manga (ie. any battle between Inu Yasha & Sessho Maro) also take 2 episodes, and the time just flies. Even moments where there are a few shows of monster-o'-the-day, they don't seem so episodic you get bored.

The other big plus: unlike Ranma & Akane, Inu Yasha & Kagome do realise they have feelings for each other and slowly open up to that with each other. It's a slow process, and there are some large complications that have to be resolved before anything significant can happen--but it's good to see that their relationship isn't so static and predictable.

Oh, and Miroku is now one of my favourite Anime characters of all time. Any young Buddhist priest who can suck demons into a hole in his hand and then hit on cute girls is fine by me! ^^v

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Updated 26-10-01