Zeiram the Animation

Rating: 3 and a half Rampages Iria ready for action

Zeiram: the most dangerous life form in the galaxy. It's virtually unstoppable - perhaps even invulnerable. The Tedan Tippedai Corporation secretly attempted to import Zeiram to be used as the basis for a powerful new bio-weapon, and now it's loose! Iria, a ruthless young bounty hunter whose brother was butchered by Zeiram, uncovers this information while stalking the monster -- evidence that certain parties would rather have silenced. Now Iria must expose the silent conspiracy before any more innocent people are massacred by the monster. With the aid of her young sidekick, Kei, and a mysterious benefactor, Iria will avenge her brother's death...only who is hunting whom? I'm too cool for my gun...

Just from the look of the art on the box, I could tell this was a cool series, and I was right. Cool music, kick ass art, really neat characters and a thrilling story (yeah, so itís basically "Alien" all over again...SO WHAT? Itís done well and thatís all that matters =) make this a great catch for any sci-fi fans out there. Based upon a live-action movie called "Zeiram" that is also very cool (and unfortunately only available dubbed). Worth renting at the very least, and Iíd suggest buying it if you can spare the cash. From the people who brought you DNA² and Video Girl Ai.

Available subtitled or dubbed through US Manga Corps.

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