JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

Rating: 3 Rampages

Star Platinum, Jotarou's Stand Synopsis:
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure is a 6 episode OVA. The story revolves around a group of stand users on a quest to destroy another powerful stand user named Dio, an immortal vampire who is seeking more power by healing himself with the blood of Joutarou's family. . Stand users possess power from their Stands (some sort of Tarot card) and only other Stand users can see their power. Stands are controlled tby their sheer willpower and any damage suffered by their Stands will be inflicted on the user as well. 'JoJo' is for Jotarou, the leader of the party. One of the 'good guys' is Iggy, an annoying and grumpy little dog who can only be mollified with coffee-flavoured gum but whose Stand is the most powerful of all. The first of Dio's minions whom they must battle is N'Dul, who controls water. Though he's blind, he can hear the slightest noise and feel his opponents' footsteps and thus their battle relies mostly on strategy, wits and intelligence.

Um...a psychic dog with an addiction to coffee flavoured bubblegum?!?!?!?!?!? Where do they get this stuff? *sigh* Aside from the wacky dog, this is a fairly serious shonen anime....well okay, that's a total lie, but it LOOKS like a totally serious shonen anime, and that's the important thing right? *ahem* Anyhoo, the art isn't anything fancy; it's paced and drawn like a comic book, complete with overlays and action frames. The comedy is rather dry and tongue-in-cheek, and the fighting scenes center more on strategy than just beating the crud out of people. The opening music is pretty nice and the rest of it suits the scenes pretty well; it's just nothing fancy. The characters bounce off each other with wonderfully resounding thuds, and Iggy is such fun to watch that ya can't help but love that damned dog. A very weird series full of weird animation and weird characters; it certainly lives up to its name. It's not for everyone, though - guess some people like their humor not quite so bizarre.

Herself the Elf sez: When I heard the title for the first time, I assumed it was one of those magical-girl Miyuki-chan in Wonderland kind of things. I was in for a surprise.....ehehe. Anyways, I found this one somewhat funny, but the excessive goriness that pops up occasionally, paired with the completely unappealing overmuscled-pinhead character designs, put JoJo's Bizarre Adventure fairly low on my list. Hey, it's not my fault if I'd rather watch the cute guys on Weiß Kreuz than Jotarou and his iron-pumping team with their silly outfits...^_~

Has been licensed for distribution by SuperTechnoArts, whoever the hell that is.

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