Ninja Scroll
(aka Jubei Ninpuuchou)

montage of pics from the movie Rating: 4½ Rampages

In feudal Japan, a wandering ninja named Jubei becomes involved in a plot to overthrow the Tokugawa government using a stash of stolen gold. Teamed up with a female ninja named Kagero, the last surviving member of her team, and a mysterious old man working for the Tokugawa government, he fights his old enemy Gemma and his eight Devils of Kimon, a team of deadly generals with supernatural powers.

Jubei off to wander some more Review:
You'll notice an upgraded rating on this. After watching other mystical Ninja shows, this is arguably the yardstick that all others in the genre are measured against. In my opinion it deserves its high stature, as it has everything you need: a tragic heroine, a mysterious stranger, monstrous and cunning villains, a wily old man, and fantastic battles. You might see a series stating 'as good as Ninja Scroll'...don't believe it. To date, nothing can beat Ninja Scroll for sword-slashing drama and action, and it's doubtful anything will for a long time. VERY highly recommended.

Available subbed or dubbed from Manga Entertainment.

Ninja Scroll
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