Jungle de Ikou

The wacky cast

Rating: 3½ Rampage

Natsumi is an ordinary schoolgirl whose world turns upside down when her father, an archaeologist, gives her a statue found in the ancient ruins of New Guinea. Little does Natsumi realize that the statue is actually the seal of Ongo, a demonic beast and once it's removed from its place it will cause Ongo to walk the earth! But whilw Natsumi's dreams bring a lucky charm to protect her from Ongo, nothing can prepare her for the goddess that will awaken within Natsumi once she performs an exotic dance. It comes in the following measurements: 46, 24, 36EE!!

Ongo Review:
Bouncy. That's what this show is: very, very bouncy. Calling this anything but silly, bouncy, genki fun would be doing it a disservice. While the crusty old god dancing with a bone dildo strapped to his groin was something I did NOT need to see, the rest of the show was simply laugh-out-loud funny. The character designs are all adorably funny, even when they are rather unrealistic (that girl would have severe back problems) and overall the art is very good. The music is perfect, with a kick ass opening by Masami Okui and wonderful jungle rhythms in the background, it suits the show quite nicely. The story is really the only weak point, and even that can be forgiven due to the fantastic character interaction. So it's a simple "you must be a magical girl to save the world from evil" plot...hey, whatever works. And believe me, this does. Silly, bouncy, and downright insane, this is right up there with Dragon half for a great way to lighten the mood of anyone's day.

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