Junk Boy

Rating: 3½ Rampages

Cover for the vidoe Synopsis:
Ryohei Yumazaki is a cool twenty-three year old, with an extremely high sex drive. A smooth talker with the lady killing eyes and a winning smile, we follow him in his never ending search for the perfect woman. When Yumazaki catches the eye of the beautiful lady editor, Yuki, you know he's not just going far, he's going all the way.

He lucks into a job at Potato Boy magazine that seems just made for him, but just how can you get if your only hobby is looking at naked women?

Now he's aiming for the top, turning Potato Boy magazine into one hell of a publication. No one expected things to get so hot, so quickly, but Yumazaki knows what he wants and he knows how to get it. Don't think he will take no for an answer!

In the proud tradition of Anime shows with guys who think only of getting in bed with the nearest babe they see, Junk Boy is all about a Boy and his Hard-on...now that's an interesting image. While Golden Boy was mostly good clean fun with only a little real ecchiness, Junk Boy is mostly ecchiness in all it's goofy grandeur (Ryohei's hard-on can lift tables). Plus Ryohei, unlike poor Kintaro, actually gets the girls in the end. Made quite some time ago, the art isn't all that great, but everything else is just so wonderfully wacky that the art and music aren't much of an issue. Also, kudos go out to Manga for doing a pretty damned good job with the dubbing, as all of the voices really fit the personalities. Personally I liked Golden Boy just a little more, but if silly ecchi fun is your thing, then this is a damn funny use of an hour of your time. Highly recommended.

Available dubbed from Manga Entertainment.