The band

Kaikan Phrase

Rating: 2½ Rampages

The J-Rock band CLIMB has split up, for good. The drummer and bass guitarist have become fed up with the way the band is managed, and leave. They decide to start up their own band; "Lucifer, The Fallen Angel". The problem is, they have a serious lack of available talent. Meanwhile, across town, an extraordinarily talented piano player and singer has shown up at a hotel, and is thrilling audiences with his amazing style and grace. He's a quiet, soft-spoken man, however, and is obviously harboring dark secrets as well as suffering from depression. CLIMB needs a vocalist; this mysterious stranger needs a path in life. Will they find each other?

(cue the classical romance theme) Oh, will they find each other?? Gah, I've never encountered a non-yaoi show that just oozes this much homo-erotic innuendo..."That special feeling, you felt it too. I could tell...I fell in love....with your voice..." uh huh, they're REALLY talking about music there...suuuure. The level of angst in this show puts Weiss to utter shame...oh the agony! Oh, the sorrow! Oh, the gagging from an overdose of melodrama! Honestly, I can't really fault the ladies wanting to watch this stuff...if us guys are willing to sit ourselves in front of some painfully cheesy smutfest or some mindless, mecha-filled death romp, I think they're entitled their lack of good taste just as much as we are. The art for the most part is better than Weiss, but some of the scenes look a bit stiff due to overuse of CGI. I just can't get over Santa (yes, that is one of the band members' names) and his magical kneeless jeans...or Touwa and his fancy dresses and makeup...Izam, eat your heart out.

Frankly though, the pretty boys are really all this show has going for it as the band the show revolves around (the real life seiyuu band, Lucifer) is rather crappy. Weiss was cheesy, but at least those guys could sing. The only other reason to watch this show is the hilarity of the blatantly homo-erotic writing...they're just so serious about getting that band together...they HAVE to have him! Err...I mean his VOICE. Right.

Anyways, if you're into cheesy, melodramatic and very suggestive bishounen shows, you'll love this. It was pretty fun to MST, so even if you're not into that sort of thing you might get a laugh out of Kaikan Phrase. It isn't bad, but it's just too silly (unintentionally, alas) to take seriously unless you were born with an angsty black rose in your teeth.

Herself the Elf sez: What's weird and kind of scary is that while the bands and characters in this show are really over the top and silly-looking, they're TOTALLY accurate. J-Rock bands really ARE that silly-looking. There really *are* bands where all the guys dress up in fukus, or wedding dresses, or wear more makeup than Tammy Faye...or all three. o.o;

Currently only available Fansubbed.