Key The Metal Idol

damn, these outfits sure are a pain to take off...

Rating: 3 Rampages

Key the Metal Idol opens with Key being told that her grandfather has just passed away. Flashbacks from her childhood show her being taunted by classmates during recess, implying that she will rust if she takes a drink of water! Apparently, her grandfather was also her creator and well known for his work with robots. With his dying breath, he had recorded a message to the beloved granddaughter that he had raised: if she can make 30,000 friends, she will become human! Key decides to leave her small village and seek her 30,000 friends in Tokyo. The stage is set as the awkward, yet compellingly innocent, Key becomes easy prey for the lowlife and con artists of the world.

This is an extremely unique anime series. At first glance it doesn’t seem particularly engrossing, especially due to the main character’s complete lack of character, but several episodes into the series it begins to draw you in with interesting characters and an unusual premise. Definitely worth watching.

Available subbed from Viz Communication.

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