Rating: 3 Rampages Cover for the video

For centuries, there have been legends of "devils" walking the Earth, feeding off the blood of humans. However, the truth behind these vampiric legends has remained a mystery...until now. Strange "lifepods" have crashed in the western mountains, bringing with them supernatural beings previously found only in the realm of folk-lore and fantasy. Vampires walk the Earth, at war with Humanity and each other, driven by the most terrifying of genetic imperatives! Like wasps seeking a spider, they have come to this planet for only one purpose: to perpetuate their species. To save Mankind, Kimera must die.

Another anime horror movie that works rather well. Not quite as good as Biohunter, this one stands up rather strongly by itself. The art is very good, the ambiguous gender of Kimera is rather intriguing, and the premise isnít original but is done in a fairly original way. The ending is also somewhat surprising, and leaves more than a few nice loose ends. Good music, believable characters, great art, and a darned good dubbing job make this worth renting, maybe even owning, provided you can afford it.

Available subtitled or dubbed through ADVision.