Rating:4½ Rampages The dubbed box cover

Sawa, a young but physicaly mature girl comes home to witness her murdered parents sprawled on the floor. Orphaned and distressed, she finds comfort in the arms of a police detecive. Taking Sawa under his wing, detective Akai begins to teach her new things, things that no girl her age let alone anyone should have to learn. Instructing Sawa on how to kill efficiently while at the same time molesting the young girl, Akai shapes Sawa into the perfect killer. Transmuting her hate and rage into the deadly art, Sawa kills whomever her ward tells her to, justifying her actions by only killing "scum" - molesters, killers, and the like. For Akai though, having one trained killer is not enough, that is where a young man named Oburi comes in. Also an orphan like Sawa, Oburi has been working for Akai for awhile and has decided he has had enough. Discussing this with his employer, Oburi and Akai agree that Oburi may go upon completion of three more jobs, one of which involves teaming with Sawa. Oburi begins his final asssignments and meets Sawa in the midst of one of them. The two come together and can't help but feel a sort of attraction between them. But the attraction could be a fatal one as Akai, not willing to just let one of his pupils go free, has set into motion a plan to eliminate Oburi, with Sawa an intergral part of the plan. But Oburi has an escape plan of his own, a plan which just may free both he and Sawa, provided neither ends up dead first.

Sawa, about to open a can on someone. Review:
What I'd heard about this short movie was that it was a very high budget production, involved teen assasins, and was VERY gory. What I saw was a perfect example of how to tell a gripping, tense story in a short time. Everything about this 45 minute film is brilliant. The art is beautifully done, rich colours and some of the most dynamic line work I've ever seen in an Anime. The story is all there, involving characters, esspecially Sawa and Oburi; you can see small hints of cracks in their expressionless exterior come out from time to time (only really in each others presence, as one would expect) Akai and his partner are extremely creepy, a excellent pair of antagonists. The Production quality is just top notch; the music fits just right and the animation is smooth and fluid. One sequence that really surprised me was when Sawa is sent to kill a Hollywood movie star, both he and his bodyguards are speaking in perfect english, in the subtitled version. As for the story, well, I'm not going to spoil anything for you, but this one moves by fast and furious with plenty of twists and turns to keep you on your toes. Be warned however, this is a very dark movie, so it's not for everyone..and don't expect to be smiling at the end. Very highly recommended.

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