Rating: 2 Rampages

Synopsis: Bishounen in the grass
Okay, here goes. Kei Enjoji is the illegitimate son of a very influential man (can't remember if he's a politician or in the mafia) and as such is a target for lots of unpleasant characters. On one occasion Enjoji is targeted by a hit-and-run driver, but his lover Ranmaru jumps in the way to save Enjoji. Ranmaru survives but is badly injured. When Ranmaru recovers, the two of them return to college. One of their professors invites Ranmaru out for drinks, and then slips him a knockout drug so he can take advantage of the cute lil' bishounen. Ranmaru's rescued by a fellow named Sagano, who turns out to be Enjoji's half-brother. Sagano's got the hots for Ranmaru (what a surprise, so does everyone in this damn show) but blames Enjoji for Ranmaru's injury and subsequent quitting of championship Kendo. Lots of bishounen tension ensues along with a few bland love scenes. Yay.

Herself the Elf sez: I only saw the first episode of this two-ep OVA, but I'm not that interested in seeing the second. Not ecchi enough to be worth seeing for H-value, and too superficial plot-wise to be interesting as a story, Kizuna was a tremendous disappointment for me. I was hoping to get some sort of romantic closure after seeing Fake, but the sheer mediocrity of Kizuna ruined any such hopes. All you get for watching the uninteresting plot is a few nipple-kisses and shoujo-esque shots of the guys floating through sparkles. Add in the horrendous sound quality (maybe it was just the copy I saw...dunno) and unremarkable animation and you've got a very forgettable yaoi. I'm just hoping somebody will start making more shows on the level of Fake...

Available from Ariztical Entertainment.