Kodomo no Omocha
(Child's Toy)

Rating: TV Series: 4 Rampages
OVA Series: 3 Rampages

Episodes seen: 22 of ? The Child's Toy gang

Meet 11 year old Sana Kurata -- an ambitious actress on an after-school TV show called Childís Toy, which is set within an ideal classroom atmosphere. The set of the show is, however, the only place in which Sanaís life is ideal or even approaching normalcy! Once she enters the real world, you will watch as the CLASSROOM FROM HELL unfolds and the Devilís Child, her classmate Akito Hayama, terrorizes everyone. (I will not spoil the story behind his nickname, but you will be deeply moved as it is revealed.)
Sanaís home life is unique, too. For starters, she lives with her "pimp" (she calls him that, but he's actually her manager), Rei Sagami, and her mother, who is the Japanese equivalent of a Pulitzer Prize-winning author, but a bit eccentric (she rides around the house in a red toy car and has a squirrel living on top of her head)!) Watch Sanaís truly strange adventures in the show that is playfully known as "Marmalade Boy on acid."

Owwie, this was warped. The phrase "Marmalade Boy on Acid" is pretty accurate. The TV series is incredibly long, and really, really weird. Sana is probably the most psychotic eleven year-old in the history of anime. Iím not quite sure what genre this fits into...itís got some romance, really wacky comedy, but mostly just Sana getting herself into really odd spots, and dealing with that freak of a boy. Really worth catching, just donít expect it to make sense all the time.
Herself the Elf sez: This show is done by the same people that did Fairy Princess Ren, which is even more spastic than this. Doesn't surprise me one bit... What amazes me is to think that little Japanese girls are watching this on TV. Makes you wonder what they're going to grow up like.....@_@

Anyways, Kodocha isn't just wild and crazy hyper-fun...it's got substance too. Under all the craziness there's a compelling story about growing up and interesting characters. We get to watch Sana and Hayama grow from naive children into young adulthood, and it's a fascinating and well-told story that doesn't pull punches, dealing with teenage pregnancy, child abuse, divorce and other difficult issues. Even if you're not a huge fan of spastic comedy, you'll probably enjoy Kodocha.

Currently only available fansubbed.

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