Adventures Of Kotetsu

Rating: 3½ Rampages

Synopsis: The cast
Let yourself be charmed by classy Rinn Suzuki, the feisty but loveable young warrior known as "Kotetsu"! Fleeing Kyoto one step ahead of her 100-year-old master, she stumbles onto the doorstep of the lovely detective Miho Kuon and into an underground web of intrigue. Ever the innocent, all she wants is a place to stay; but instead she's attacked by zombie street punks, a famous statue, a hot-tempered tree nymph and a geeky magician, who's actually kind of cute. Through it all, Rinn never loses her sense of humor, her signature katana or her towel, which somehow clings to her diminutive frame throughout this masterpiece of martial arts mayhem.

Episodes seen: 2 of 2

Based off of a surprisingly hentai computer game, I think there is really only one way to describe this; Adorable. The animation is nice, and rather kawaii, the fights are very well drawn, and the comedy is side-splittingly funny, but not as over-the-top as you'd expect. Miho and her assistant are quite amusing (the word of the day is "cheesecake"), as is the geeky "bad guy" in the glasses. The characters in this really do throw you for a loop in places; the first villain (the one with the funny glasses) turns out to be somewhat of a love interest for Rinn. Much like Ninja Mono, throws the usual staples of this genre to the wind, and adds some great comedy to the mix. And yet again, we get the two-episode deal with plenty of story left over...grrrr. Very funny, and a good watch, but not for those who think that Ninja Scroll is the ONLY way to do sword slashing fun.

Available subbed and dubbed through ADV Films.